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If you are tired of listening to people who put you down just because you love video games and comic books, then, you don’t have to. This is because as far as the adult world is concerned, geek and nerd is chick. The website hopes to become the leading dating website for men and women who want to embrace nerd and geek culture. If in the past, these hobbies are being scoffed at, this is no longer something you have to be ashamed of, and you can just show your love for your favorite anime, fantasy novels, and comic books.


It will not cost you anything to create an account at However, to access more features, you can opt for a one-time subscription which costs $14.99 on the first month and reduces to $9.99 if you choose to pay continuously every month. You can also choose to subscribe for an entire year for $95.95 although the pay per month plan might be a better option.


The sign up process at Soul Geek is something you will surely enjoy. Instead of having to fill out mundane fields which are asking pretty much the normal questions, which are still included by the way, you will be asked about things such as your favorite kind of fiction, your favorite character, and why you love things geek. The profile section’s light heartedness makes it clear that Soul Geek is not your ordinary dating website. You will surely find yourself smiling while filling out these questions. This also makes it clear that the website wants its members to experience fun instead of dread every time you log in and check your messages.

Profiles at Soul Geek are also aesthetically pleasing. You will find it easy to explore and navigate around your page to check and review all the things that you have written. Profiles at Soul Geek have been organized into several sections of questions you filled out during your initial sign up at the site. The site also requires you to post your actual photo to guarantee the accounts with actual users and those that don’t. When looking for a match, you simply need to tick off boxes that represent the same queries you answered during the sign up. Its search engine will let you become as specific and broad as you want while making your search. It is a feature that works really well. It seems that matches don’t have a certain algorithm so your only actual option is the search engine.

Editor’s Verdict

Based on what was deduced with using Soul Geek with the limited access using the free account, it is safe to say that the site is thought out and stable enough. One of its notable features is the easy to understand tool bar with tabs which work as they are expected to. You can also click on profiles from its search engine in the way these are supposed to. It is also great to see that the site only has a few ads to the side which are not in any way invasive. Simply put, is a site worthy to check out if you are a geek or nerd.

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