How to Get Single Nerdy Girl to Like You?


nerdy girlNerds are a very interesting breed since they don’t feel drawn to stereotypical assets such as fancy dinners, buff arm muscles, perfect abs, and tons of cash. A member of this one of a kind species of females should never be treated like average hot chicks. You need to take careful steps to make her like you.

A Night for Movies

The next time your attention is captured by that cute nerd who always posts on Facebook about her favorite geeky movie, ask her out to watch a movie. Anything aside from fantasy-based movies is utterly unacceptable. Nerds always love fantasy. Try to choose a movie with the word labyrinth in its title. If such movies cannot be downloaded or you don’t want to watch a flick with subtitles, any film with teleporting will be enough. In fact, just a simple talk about teleportation is already similar to hardcore foreplay for nerds.

Just remember that no matter what you do, avoid referencing nerds from pop culture hits such as Rachel Leigh Cook in She’s All That. This will instantly confine and isolate your geek and make her feel misunderstood and typical, just like how she felt during the gym class in 8th grade thanks to that annoying girl Katie Larson. After all, why does everyone seem to chug on lots of hate on wearing ponytails?

Unique Romantic Gestures

Make sure you stay away from the romantic clichés such as chocolates. Nerdy girls tend to get drawn in by specificity. Depending on the food allergies of your sexy date who loves Spiderman to bits, you will be better off if you will get something that was in demand during the 90s such as Space Ice Cream, Pop Rocks, and Dippin Dots.

And instead of just having a bouquet of flowers delivered to her doorsteps, which will only end up wilting in a matter of days, not to mention that flowers are difficult to maintain with the need of changing the water so the vase will not get all moldy and gross that will make her throw the flowers in the trash, why not surprise your nerdy girl with a cuddly and cute Muppet? Yes, nerds love Muppets to bits! Plus, these are not disposable so even when your date ends up with a sour patch tongue, you will leave behind a permanent impression, and a good one at that.

Inside the Bedroom

While a few bottles of champagne and dimly lit candles are sexy for your average girl, these overused nerves are completely useless as far as nerdy girls are concerned. Once you and your nerdy lady are ready to take things to a higher level, you can try to create a more interactive theme night including prizes and challenges. For instance, after a great night of virtual cosplay, you can lead your nerdy love to the bedroom through find your way through the sheet fort, the winner will get to frak the loser throughout the night. This is a win-win situation for everyone. If you have no idea what frak even means, just use your wild imagination.


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