Bisexual Dating Tips for Nerds & Geeks

nerdy girl

How to Get Single Nerdy Girl to Like You?

BY: • 12/5/18

Nerds are a very interesting breed since they don’t feel drawn to stereotypical assets such as fancy dinners, buff arm muscles, perfect abs, and tons of cash. A member of this one of a kind species of females should never be treated like average hot chicks. You need to take careful steps to make her like you. (read more)

nerd relationship

Dating Tips for Nerds - How to Maintain Relationship

BY: • 6/12/18

Many people who are in nerd dating were asked on how to maintain a relationship. Well, they said that there is really no secret though stubbornness, compromise, and friendship have had their own roles to play. Yet, even if there is no magic formula, if you are just getting started in nerd dating, there are various things that you need to learn and you can be assured that you will be able to maintain a relationship successfully: (read more)


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